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Casey Interiors is your trusted specialist for versatile, adaptable bathroom innovations in Leicestershire, Rutland, and the surrounding East Midlands region. With many years of experience, we offer bespoke bathroom design solutions tailored to suit diverse needs and budgets. Our highly skilled team is committed to helping every homeowner have a safe, comfortable bathroom space through reliable industry expertise and exceptional customer service.

Accessible and Adaptable Bathroom Solutions for Every Home 

Casey Interiors understands that choosing bathroom products and designs to meet your evolving accessibility needs can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to create calming, comforting spaces through versatile solutions. Whether for personal use or accommodating guests, we ensure long-term usability through thoughtful configurability.

Meeting diverse mobility needs with innovative designs

We understand that bathroom accessibility needs vary greatly based on age and ability. Through innovative product selection and layout configurations, we aim to design bathrooms that accommodate changing requirements over time. Our versatile designs ensure long-term usability, whether you need to grab rails, walk-in showers, or wet room installations.

Beauty and convenience need not be mutually exclusive. Our designers blend form and function to create stylish yet practical bathroom spaces. We modify existing room dimensions through careful material selection and scaled measurements to optimise functionality while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. Trusted brands like Grohe, Ultracare, and Hansgrohe offer industry-leading tapware, sanitaryware, and furniture to suit varying accessibility and style preferences.

Transforming Bathrooms with Quality Wet Room Installations 

Wet rooms provide a versatile showering solution for homes of any size. By removing intrusive boundaries, they enhance accessibility while optimising space. Our experienced wet room installers help create safe, luxurious oasis for relaxation or task-focused bathing.

A wet room is a practical solution for enhancing accessibility. Our wet installations feature level access showers without intrusive boundaries and slip-resistant flooring for worry-free bathing. Strategic drainage and waterproofing techniques prevent leaks while maintaining an open, spacious feel.

Wet rooms allow creative use of available space without compromising convenience. Regardless of room dimensions, we design wet installations for seamless manoeuvring. Barrier-free entryways and grab rails at convenient heights ensure safety, while luxurious finishing touches like rain shower heads promote relaxation.

Elevating Safety and Comfort with Walk-In Showers

Our walk-in showers enhance accessibility through dignified, independent bathing. Hazard-free access and safety features allow worry-free use for all abilities. 

Our walk-in showers provide dignified bathing assistance through barrier-free access. Frameless glass partitions or rain shower panels allow ample movement without hazardous edges. Adjustable shower heads, handsets, and conveniently located grab rails in crease stability for independent showering.

Every detail is carefully conceived to make daily tasks effortless. Slip-resistant flooring and non-glare lighting improve safety. Thermostatic mixing valves maintain constant water temperature. Strategic shelf and storage placements minimise the need for reaching or bending.

With expertise spanning styles and specialist techniques, our highly skilled team ensures superb results. Impeccable focus on quality and service delivers unmatched bathroom transformations.

Our designers have experience across diverse bathroom styles and stay on top of evolving trends and regulations. From classic white to on-trend grey and wood-look finishes, we expertly execute aesthetics to suit individual tastes. Specialist techniques for wet rooms, family bathrooms and accessible showers further our capabilities.

Affordable, Bespoke Bathroom Design and Installation 

By understanding your budget priorities and maximising space cleverly, we help make beautifully designed, fully accessible bathrooms attainable. Customised options fit all budgets through innovation and optimised functionality.

Tailored solutions for every budget

Custom designs need not break the bank. Our free consultation explores funding and finance options, like insurance or government subsidies. Value engineering marries affordability with durable, high-quality components.

Transforming even the smallest bathrooms

Big change starts with small steps. Whether renovating or remodelling, we help realise dreams within realistic budgets through smart layouts making the most of square footage. Our bespoke service includes repositioning plumbing and electrics to maximise accessibility.

Contact us today to envision a stress-free bathroom sanctuary tailored to your lifestyle needs. Our consultation is complementary and without obligation. Let us enhance your home’s accessibility, safety and style through versatile solutions fitting all budgets and abilities. Your comfort and independence matter greatly to us.