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walk in showers


All of our adapted walk in shower solutions are designed to provide safe, comfortable and visually appealing showering for people with limited mobility or disabilities affecting movement in and out of a shower. From a simple adaption to provide integral seats to full transformations we can provide the right bathing solution for your home. 

Our walk-in baths come are available in a variety of sizes and models so we can find the right one to suit your individual needs, budget and space. 

 We use leading brands such as Grohe, Roca, Armitage Shanks, Geberit, and Altro Flooring. 

Combining style with functionality

We combine a stylish design with enhanced functionality and high performance to give you a tailored showering space that is both modern, attractive and answers all of your exact mobility requirements

Product Range

Our extensive product range is there to ensure you get the most out of your wetroom. From level access specialist flooring, to shower seating, doors and screens and grab rails we have all of the products necessary to transform your bathroom.


Slip resistant floor tiles look great as well as providing resistance in bathrooms. Available in both smooth and textured styles.

level access

Level access trays can be set into a wooden or solid floor. With no step or ramp level access trays provide the easiest access for walking users or with shower chair requirements. 


Altro flooring provides a watertight and integrated floor and wall system that is easy to clean. Altro flooring has been specifically designed to prevent slips and trips making it a safe choice for the whole family. There is  also a multitude of colours to choose from so it can be styled to suit the rest of your bathroom decor.


Our walk in showers can come many optional extras available including grab rails, assistance poles, duck boards and fold down seating for that little extra help.

is a walk in shower for you?



A walk in shower is becoming the preferred choice of many of our customers, especially the elderly. Alongside the traditionally adapted walk in showers  we can also install specially designed disabled showers for wheelchair access. 

Many of our walk in showers feature no-door, easy-access entry and some are specially designed disabled showers for wheelchair access. 



We have watertight and slip resistant vinyl or tiled flooring to choose from as well as a range of panels, seats and safety bars to finish off your bathroom design and ensure your walk in shower is both attractive and functional.


custom design

Our walk in showers can be custom designed to fit in the most awkward of bathrooms including extensions into attics, garages and even basements. With reduced ceiling heights, steep roof angles or awkwardly shaped rooms our walk in shower designs can flex to suit these ‘off the shelf’ requirements. 



We have walk in showers to suit all budgets. Offering a full scale bathroom renovation or a partial renovation by simply swopping your existing bath or shower for a custom walk in version we can cater for your needs – at a budget that suits you.